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2023 New Reviews For Dr. Hart – Radiation Oncologist, Cancer Consultant

Terry says: As a stage IV Colorectal cancer survivor, a Holistic approach to Heal your entire body is how I survived. I Highly Recommend your caregiver to also use alternative therapies to relieve their stress. Find others to help your caregiver, they can not do everything. Stay positive, see yourself healthy and free of disease. Cheers & Happy Days

Barbara Blum says: I have known Dr Noushin for a few years now, and I truly believe that anyone on a healing path would be fortunate to be under her care. As someone who works in the spiritual realm myself, I think what Dr Noushin provides is hands down one of the most important aspects of healing for the world we live in – she provides a holistic approach… one where treating the entire human, not just the physical vessel, is the priority.

She has a powerful experiential understanding of how mind, body and spirit work together and in my opinion, this is a fundamental understanding if we want true health AND happiness.

She’s truly a beautiful human, full of wisdom, with a deep desire and capability of helping others. Keep doing what you’re doing Dr Noushin… the world needs you! ~ https://goo.gl/maps/PRe7Nj7ohhEoWMGA9

JK says: Compassionate oncology care.

Colette Streicher says: Absolutely the best doctor I have ever met! Dr Noushin is open minded, heart-centered, extremely educated not only on the traditional approaches but also on all the complementary medicine including Eastern approaches and cutting edge mental and emotional release methods. She is very easy to talk to, an amazing listener, and you will be heard and supported. She will give you an objective clarity on the choices you have, and be there for you all along your journey back to wellness. As a psychotherapist aware of the traumatic experience and confusion health crisis can bring, I can only highly recommend Dr Noushin’s consulting services. Don’t hesitate and have a conversation with her, the sooner the better.

Nelson Valena says: I have had the privilege to get to know Dr. Izadifar and I am inspired by her mission to blend allopathic medicine with holistic modalities. She is certainly one of the few medical doctors in the area that has been courageous enough to attempt to blend her traditional allopathic medical practice with Eastern healing arts to better serve her patients undergoing cancer treatments. I am excited to partner with her in an upcoming retreat for breast cancer survivors to learn about holistic treatment after cancer diagnosis. It is key to educate people on how to address the potential root causes of cancer to help prevent recurrence and improve the quality of life of those who face this health challenge. She is a wonderful advocate for her patients who need support in looking at alternative treatment options -Nelson Valena MD

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