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Check out the 2023 New Reviews For Dr. Hart – Radiation Oncologist

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Past Year’s Reviews:

“After my breast cancer surgery I was placed in the care of Dr. Izadifar, who planned and provided my radiation therapy. From our first meeting I knew I was in very good hands. As my treatments progressed I came to appreciate not only her professionalism, but her kind and caring manner. From the beginning and through each step of the process she explained in words I could understand the purpose of radiation therapy and what I could expect. She provided all the information I needed to care for the area being treated to minimize the effect of radiation on my skin, so my side effects were very slight. I actually looked forward to my treatment each day because I knew I could count on having my spirits lifted in such a warm, compassionate, upbeat atmosphere. Her aftercare was just as thorough as treatment. I feel extremely fortunate that The Lord led me to this gifted doctor. I would not hesitate to recommend her to my mother, sister, or best friend.”

–Joyce Peterson (breast cancer survivor)

“I have known Dr. Hart for six years. We served together on the Cancer Resource Team at the Fellowship Church in the Woodlands, Texas, I also had the pleasure of having Dr. Hart in my Cancare class in 2006. She has more knowledge about what cancer is, but most of all she is the most compassionate doctor I have ever known. I feel so blessed to have Dr. Hart in my life. It is such a comfort knowing that I can call her, and she gives me hope.”

–Elaine Bucy (breast cancer survivor)

“I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Hart while on staff at CanCare as Director of Program Services. Dr. Hart participated in various programs with CanCare. My interaction with her was in connection with our Volunteer Training Program, Dr. Hart would speak to our trainees on the topic of “What is Cancer?”. Her presentation was easily understood and well received by the participants. Dr. Hart connected well with the volunteers and staff, revealing her passion to help those touched by cancer. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Dr. Hart and highly recommend her in any future endeavors.”

–Betsy Schauer, Director of Program Services, CanCare

“To be a radiation oncologist, you must be highly educated. I’m sure all oncologists are. The thing that sets Noushin apart is her love for her patients. She has their well-being at heart and can be trusted with the advice and treatments she gives patients. If I were diagnosed with cancer, outside of my family, Dr. Noushin Izadifar Hart would be one of the first calls I would make. I value her expertise and care that much.”

–Conn McWhorter, Prayer & Care Pastor, Fellowship of The Woodlands

“Noushin is one of the most compassionate and dedicated physicians I have had the priviledge of working with. She puts her patients first and is a strong advocate for them receiving the appropriate treatments and care. She treats the whole person and not just a disease.”

–Thomas Thompson, Executive Vice President and COO, CanCare, Inc.

“Noushin cares about what she does! After working with Noushin over the last year, I have found that she is more than a doctor. Her patients and her expertise are her passion! You will not find anyone more knowledgable or passionate about her field than Noushin.”

–Wesley Middleton, Managing Partner, MaloneBailey, LLP

“Dr. Noushin Hart has won the hearts of her patients with her expertise and deep level of commitment to their care as they battle cancer. All receive her best–regardless of income levels. She is an outstanding speaker with a gift for explaining the intricacies of a dreaded disease. She’s the kind of doctor everyone hopes to find.”

–Sharon Spoonemore, Owner, WordWeaver

“Dr. Noushin Izadifar is a doctor with incredible skill and a depth of knowledge in the field of Oncology that is just staggering;she is very decisive and is an outstanding decision maker.However, as competent and capable as she is,her humanity and integrity are what shine forth first in every encounter, as a perfect complement to her medical expertise. She is indeed one of a kind, a rare find, and I was privileged to have worked with her.”

–Brian Clarke, Radiation Therapist, Memorial Hermann of the Woodlands Hospital

“On a personal level, I find Dr. Hart to be an ethical, hard working physician who is intent on delivering the best care for her patients. This includes not recommending treatments when it is not indicated by current standards.

I recommend Dr. Hart to you without reservation. I am sure you will find her to be an engaging physician, with a spirited and compassionate personality who works well as a team member, in the setting of a high quality radiation center with a mission of exceptional patient care, treatment and healing.”

–Excerpt from Letter of Recommendation
J. B. Askew, Jr., M. D.

“In a word, Dr. Hart is fabulous and in the words of the songwriter, “nobody does it better.” Her intellectual grasp of radiation oncology is staggering and her knowledge of medical oncology and surgical oncology is an example to us all. Equally (if not more importantly) her compassion for her patients and ability to communicate with them is second to none. Every patient we have shared has absolutely loved her.

I can recommend Dr. Hart without reservation and you (and your patients) will be blessed beyond all measure.”

–Excerpt from Letter of Recommendation
Alan L. Hubbard, M.D., F.A.C.S.
General Surgery

“I feel that Dr. Hart was able to provide my patients with excellent, compassionate care and had a successful career and an excellent reputation in direct competition with one of the most world renowned cancer centers. What impresses me the most about Dr. Hart are her moral and ethical standards”… “She is the ultimate patient advocate. My patients absolutely loved being treated by Dr. Hart and the members of her staff.”

–Excerpt from Letter of Recommendation
Masha Mossadegh, M.D.

“I have known Dr. Izadifar for more than 7 years, and was a partner with her at Greater Houston Radiation Oncology, P.A. Dr. Izadifar is an outstanding clinician, communicator, and
educator. She has an interest in clinical research. Dr. Izadifar practices evidenced based, individualized, compassionate patient care. She is adored by her patients and is respected by her colleagues. She is experienced with the latest advancements in radiation oncology. Dr. Izadifar would be a strong asset to your private and/or academic program and community. I recommend her with the highest terms.”

–Excerpt from Letter of Recommendation
Manoj A. Reddy, M.D.
Radiation Oncology