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Question and Answer

To have your question answered and featured on the Question and Answer page, submit your question to Dr. Noushin Hart via the Hart to Heart Cancer Consultants Contact Page.

Click on a question below to view the answer from Dr. Noushin Hart:

What are the internal radiation therapy options for treating cervical cancer?

What are the external radiation techniques (delivery options) for treating cervical cancer?

How is it determined if external or internal radiation therapy should be used to treat cervical cancer? Or both?

For cervical cancer, when is an organ-preserving approach possible where only radiation treatment is needed?

For cervical cancer, what factors determine if radiation therapy after surgery is recommended?

What are the external radiation techniques for treating endometrial cancer?

What are the typical long-term side effects of radiation for endometrial cancer that patients should watch for?

Would you explain the process of how endometrial cancer is treated with internal radiation?

After a mastectomy, what areas of the chest are radiated if radiation therapy is recommended?

How long after having a lumpectomy for breast cancer will radiation treatment begin?

In what situations would radiation therapy be used to treat metastatic breast cancer?

What are the different types of brachytherapy (IRT – Internal Radiation Therapy)?

What issues would make a patient not eligible to receive radiation treatment?

What potential issues may cause a delay in beginning radiation treatments for breast cancer patients?

What advice do you give to patients about dealing with fatigue from radiation therapy?

What process does the radiation oncologist follow when preparing to treat a new patient?

What can a cancer patient expect for their first visit to the radiation oncologist? How can we prepare for the visit?

How long do radiation treatments typically last? Is there a difference between external versus internal radiation therapy? There seem to be so many types of radiation therapy options. How does the doctor determine the best radiation treatment option for the patient?

After a mastectomy, what factors determine if radiation therapy is recommended for a breast cancer patient?

What are the most important side effects that ovarian cancer patients should be watching for when undergoing radiation therapy? How is radiation therapy used in palliative care for ovarian cancer? In what situations is radiation therapy used for adjuvant therapy in ovarian cancer? How often is it used?

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