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In the treatment of cancer, we often use different management techniques including surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. In addition, preparation is often required for radiation therapy or chemotherapy, genetic counseling and other supportive care before, during or after treatments.

Even though some of these treatments are delivered concurrently, they are often given in a sequential manner. Navigating from one treatment to the other on your own may result in missing a life-saving treatment or receiving it in a suboptimal sequence or timing.

To avoid these common issues, many hospitals now offer a nurse navigator to walk you through your sequence to make sure you do not fall through the cracks of the system. However, navigation by a nurse is based on what the physician members of the treatment team have advised and therefore a matter of coordinating your care rather than supervising it.

Hart to Heart Cancer Consultants offers navigation by an oncologist. In addition to navigating you through months or years of treatments, we supervise your treatment and intervene when we recognize a potential deficiency or breakdown of the communication. We offer to accompany you during important meetings with your caregivers, not only to support you throughout the process, but also to offer an educated set of ears and eyes to assist you in understanding the information you have been given. After all, you are making life-saving decisions. Hart to Heart Cancer Consultants enhances the communication among your treatment team and eases your navigation through the complexity of treatments and the process.

We equip you with the knowledge, understanding and the support you need to go through one of the most difficult times of your life. Cancer treatment does not only affect you, but also your entire family. We provide reliable resources for your many needs throughout the course. We will be your personal advocate and advisor throughout your journey and support you in any way your physical condition and life situation demands.

Having an oncologist navigate your long course of therapy enhances the quality of the care you receive, and therefore the outcomes of your treatment. It also enhances the quality of your life through this process. When navigating through the treatment of cancer, you should never find yourself wondering what the next step will be and you shouldn’t be surprised by an unexpected step in your plan. Empower yourself with the reassurance that an expert is supervising and coordinating your care.

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