Depending on type and/or stage of cancer, some patients require a multidisciplinary treatment (i.e. require more than one type of treatment). Sometimes, it becomes overwhelming to navigate between these treatments, make sure everything is done in the right order and the right time. 

Some cancer centers do have a nurse navigator who would navigate multiple patients (or all of their patients depending on the size of the cancer center) through their treatments. The navigator would be a link between all specialists involved making sure of clear communication amongst them and keeping the patient on track in terms of transition from one treatment to another and the required tests after one treatment and before the other. 

Having to deal with more than one specialist and keeping things in order can be overwhelming for the patients who are not necessarily experts in each modality and need assistance in making/keeping their appointments for consultations, follow-ups, treatments, and tests. A navigator can significantly reduce the anxiety and/or confusion by making sure everything goes smoothly, in order, and on time. 

Dr. Hart provides a concierge navigation service to patients who do not have the benefit of a navigator or desire individualized attention while going through their long journey with treatment of their cancer. 

Please contact Dr. Hart for more details. 

Thank you.

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