Cancer Prevention

The days of living your life in fear of cancer are long gone. We are living in an era in which, if you wish, you can have your entire genome decoded. Just like your fingerprint, you have your own very unique genetic makeup. Your genetic makeup can tell you exactly what type of cancer, if any, you may be at risk of. Many cancers are almost completely preventable and with every one of them, you have a much better chance of cure if you detect it early enough.

In many instances, fifty percent of us are non-compliant with the standard prevention tools American Cancer Society has set. This is partly due to the fatalistic view of cancer and the fear of knowing. The other part is that our healthcare is one based on reacting and treating diseases rather than preventing them. Depending on the type of cancer, for every life we save by administering toxic treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy, we save many more lives by either preventing development of the cancer or detecting it early enough to cure it with minimal intervention.

While there are many wonderful primary care physicians out there, they are often burdened by our healthcare system. At best, we visit our primary care physician once a year and in a short visit expect them to assess our risks for high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and many more conditions besides cancer. We expect them to keep us up-to-date with all of our age-specific cancer prevention tests such as mammograms, pap smears, PSA levels, colonoscopies, etc. During many years of cancer counseling and genetic testing I have realized how many individuals are unaware of their family history and neglect to expect their primary care physician to spend a significant amount of time exploring their family history.

Hart to Heart Cancer Consultants offers

  • trauma-informed oncology
  • a comprehensive review of your family history
  • genetic counseling and testing if indicated
  • a review of your standard early detection tests
  • a compliance check based on your early detection test results.

In addition, I offer practical and hands-on interventions to reduce your risk of cancer by examining your lifestyle and implementing changes required to deal with risk factors such as obesity, smoking, heavy drinking, lack of exercise, your diet, and chemicals in your environment.

This is the age of personalized medicine! Let us offer you personalized preventive measures based on your individual makeup

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